The Berlin Finance Initiative (BFI) promotes the prosperity of both traditional and new financial market players in Berlin. The goal of the BFI is to create a finance and technology hub that is unique in Europe. In particular, the BFI wants to increase the visibility of the hub’s strengths, opportunities and prospects. The initiative represents the diverse interests of Berlin’s finance and technology sectors, and acts as the voice of the hub to the wider world markets.


BFI is committed to pursue the highest standards in its work: communication, analysis, project selection and management, and especially as the representative of the hub. BFI acts on behalf of the stakeholders to pursue their common interests in an open, binding and predictable manner. BFI is rooted in Berlin’s rich financial market history, and the initiative is committed to make the strengths and possibilities of digital innovation trends more visible and tangible for all stakeholders in Germany, Europe and the world.


BFI creates a strong visibility of both the traditional and future aspects of the Berlin finance and tech hub. BFI will be an advocate for the strong development of the hub. It will work closely with all those institutions responsible for establishing the regulatory framework, and the initiative aims to create benefits for all stakeholders including those beyond the industry. BFI works on creating a positive image  of the hub in Germany, Europe and beyond. BFI invites you to contribute to the development of a real finance and tech hub. in Berlin, and to take advantage of all the opportunities that the hub has to offer.


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