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The BFI is the Voice of the Financial Hub

The Berlin Finance Initiative (BFI) makes Berlin's success story visible and promotes it together with the State of Berlin and Berlin Partner for Technology and Business supported by the European Union.

The initiative advocates for the diverse interests of the financial industry and supports its sustainable and diverse development. BFI's goal is to create a financial and technology hub that is unique in Europe. The BFI is a partner of the de:hub FinTech Berlin and part of the Digital Hub Initiative.

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The Berlin Finance Initiative (BFI) promotes traditional and new financial market players in Berlin. The BFI's goal is to create a financial and technology hub that is unique in Europe.

In particular, the BFI aims to increase the visibility of the hub's strengths, opportunities and prospects. The initiative represents the diverse interests of Berlin's finance and technology industry and acts as the hub's voice to the world markets.


The BFI is committed to pursuing the highest standards of communication, analysis, project selection and management in its work and especially in its role as the hub's representative.

The BFI acts on behalf of stakeholders to pursue their common interests in an open, committed and predictable manner. The BFI is rooted in Berlin's financial market history and is committed to making the strengths and opportunities of digital innovation trends visible and tangible for all stakeholders in Germany, Europe and the world.


The BFI makes traditional as well as recent developments in Berlin's finance and technology industry visible.

The BFI is committed to the dynamic development of the hub and works closely with all institutions. In doing so, it helps to create a sustainable and diverse image of the hub in Germany, Europe and beyond. The BFI invites all interested parties to contribute to the development of a strong finance and technology hub.

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Berlin Financial Hub

From the past to the future - Berlin is making financial history again: Already 150 years ago, newly established major banks from Berlin gave globalization in industry and trade an unprecedented dynamism. Even today, strong regional and supra-regional banks can be found here, as well as branches of the major German banks and insurance companies.

For nearly a decade, this traditionally strong financial center has been joined by an impressive array of technology-based financial startups that are pushing open the door to the true digital financial world of the 21st century. Berlin has developed into Germany's most diverse and potent FinTech location, with an enormous degree of maturity in the industry, key positions in future technologies and high investments.

Of the more than 1,000 FinTechs in Germany, over a third are based in Berlin, the top location in the industry also in terms of investment volumes and jobs. Key factors for this development are Berlin's internationality, innovative dynamism and (cultural) openness, on the basis of which it has developed a strong appeal for that generation of high potentials. There is also the talent pool at Berlin's numerous universities and the fact that the city does not have any traditional structures in the financial sector - which means that innovations can be completely rethought.

Berlin also offers proximity to federal political decision-makers as well as to leading industry associations and thus to the starting point of banking or regulatory frameworks.


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Co-Founder & Co-CEO


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Co-Founder & CMO


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Head of Berlin Finance Initiative, USA​


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